700 West 15th Street #3    Edmond, OK 73013    405.255.2415

Heavenly Healing Hands

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A pathway to alternative healing through massage therapy

Wholeness is a realized and utilized connection between the human will and a greater purpose, a greater goal.

We are now proud to offer Ashiatsu Massage! Rasonda is one of only a few in Edmond certified in the trademarked technique known as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, wherein a therapist hangs from bars in the ceiling and uses her feet to massage the client. Rest assured that this isn't just someone walking on your back; we're talking Swedish strokes, expertly applied. And she can even adjust the pressure to your liking, from a gentle touch to putting the strength of her whole body into it. Using her feet also allows her to work harder and longer, or on bigger, stronger people, without becoming exhausted.

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