700 West 15th Street #3    Edmond, OK 73013    405.255.2415

Heavenly Healing Hands

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My studio in Edmond, Oklahoma is a place of relaxation and calming energy. At Heavenly Healing Hands, I  specialize not only in elite massage practices, but also in therapeutic patient care. We provide physical and spiritual healing by specializing in many beneficial massage disciplines including geriatric massage therapy, pregnancy massage, handicap massage and stress relief for all.

Rasonda Chisholm

Hello my name is Rasonda Chisholm. I have a passion to help people in managing there health and pain's .
That comes with repetitive movements or lack of movement , just body awareness ! I broke my neck back in 1987. I end up going through nursing school because of my passion to help people . I have had my own Physical Therapy and pain management. I loved nursing , but felt like I could not give and focus on my Patients with the demands put on you in nursing. So after being a stay home mom for years I went to massage school. I myself got massages and understand the need of a therapeutic massage. Having a good understanding of the body from nursing and my own experience  has help me in this field. 
  I have 600 Hours certified in Massage Therapy. My instructor was from Thailand ! I continue to improve my skills by reading different massage materials. I have study under Eric Dalton. I will be taking CE in June with him . If I don't know something will make ever effort to learn to better help my client . My goal is to help people with there health issues and help live a more stress free life. I help with showing stretching technique.
I use only the best products on the market to ensure that you have the best experience possible. I use the Comfort Craft 850, the best massage therapy table available. It opens the vertebrae in your back, allowing more relaxation and allowing me to be more effective on relaxing muscle tightness. Using the protractor, I can control the angle of deflection from 0 degrees to 40 degrees, allowing for all types of body relaxation. A flat table can often aggravate lower back problems, since the body is in low back compression when lying flat. The angle of 9 degrees allows the body to relax into a comfortable neutral position. The armrest supports the arms in various positions and allows me to adjust position during treatment for maximum support and comfort. This massage table is also Wheelchair accessible, allowing me to more easily and effectively provide services to everyone who desires a relaxing massage.